LinkedIn Products for Higher Education Marketing

LinkedIn is more than a social network for professionals to connect over. For higher education marketing, LinkedIn offers a variety of products to improve and boost higher education lead generation and brand awareness. These products range from text ads to video ads to lead generation forms, and beyond. Here are the products LinkedIn has to offer and best practices for optimal usage.

Lead Generation Forms

LinkedIn’s Lead Generation Forms simplify the process of lead collection by allowing campaign managers to access their leads with ease.  Most importantly, the leads generated are authentic and accurate because users are prompted to input their information in exchange for a value offer, such as a brochure or a fact sheet.

Lead gen forms make it easy for users to submit their information for a value offer. Since they auto-populate with the users’ information within the LinkedIn newsfeed, this process is streamlined and hassle-free to manage.  

Sponsored Content

Also known as Native Advertising, Sponsored Content ads appear within users’ news feeds and contain concise yet informative material. Sponsored Content ads are effective in reaching target audiences because they allow campaign managers to measure progress while tracking conversions and other metrics, helping to optimize campaign goals.

For these ads, headlines should be under 150 characters, and descriptive copy should be succinct as well. Longtail copy may be abbreviated on certain browsers, so it is important to cross-check ads and make sure they render properly across devices. Placing human interest stories in these ads can also be beneficial in boosting engagement, and content strategists who use engaging language in their messaging tend to see the best results. Finally, utilizing A/B testing to find the ad that resonates best with your target audience can be greatly effective.

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail ads allow advertisers to place a personal touch into their messages. For higher education marketing, these types of ads make delivering messages easy because the content goes directly to the recipient’s inbox. Personalized invites, event promotions, and content downloads can and should be included in these messages, making them successful tools in driving conversions and generating leads.

These ads reach members when they tend to be the most engaged, as they are reviewing direct, personalized messages. Therefore, maximizing personalization is essential to the user experience. Including the recipient’s first name is a great way to reach the user on a more personal level. Additionally, including attachments like brochures, class profiles, or links to further information streamlines users’ self-education process and advances them down the funnel towards application.

Text Ads

Text ads are great for short-term advertising, because they do not operate under any sort of contract or long-term commitment. Campaign managers set their own budgets and only pay for the ads that end up generating traffic and leads. The low cost makes it easy for advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns, improving higher education lead generation and spending money when it matters the most.

When using text ads, it is a good idea to segment audiences and create focused targeting criteria. Using messaging that directly addresses these audiences is also helpful in boosting user engagement. In terms of budgeting, setting and sticking to a maximum bid increases the ads’ chances of creating traffic and obtaining new leads.

Video Ads

Rich media is a great way to engage an audience, and videos are ideal because they engage multiple senses. LinkedIn’s Video Ads are ideal for boosting user engagement for exactly this reason. When used effectively, they have to power to increase brand awareness and generate high quality leads.

To effectively use video ads, campaign managers should center content around conversion goals. Some common tactics to accomplish this include showing a clip of a webinar or previewing an event. Advertisers should not underestimate the importance of device compatibility and should make sure that content renders properly across desktop and mobile.

It is important to keep in mind that having subtitles in video ads is a very effective tactic. Campaign managers should treat video ads like silent movies because the videos are muted by default. Users are therefore more likely to engage with captioned videos than to actually listen to the video.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are effective in telling interactive stories to engage and inspire users. They are great for driving brand awareness because they feature swipeable posts to tell a holistic story and provide audience insights.

To start, advertisers create three to five cards with properly sized images (1080×1080).  Advertisers should utilize lead generation forms with custom fields, with each card linking to its specific form. Advertisers can change up the order of the cards, so it is important to test each form to ensure the user experience is straightforward and streamlined.

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