Utilizing Email in Content Marketing for Higher Education

Content marketing for higher education is no longer ruled by paper — email is the new mail. Traditional ads and marketing materials provide little information to organizations regarding what content is effectively engaging prospective students. Email, on the other hand, supplies a depth of data that you can use to make marketing efforts more effective. Here are some of the benefits of using email in your marketing strategy.

The best practices for Utilizing Email in Content Marketing for Higher Education:

Reaching Prospective Students

The rise of smartphones has placed a computer in the pockets of the masses and with it, email. Email has quickly become a cornerstone of higher educational digital marketing, and it is no wonder why. Whereas flyers and brochures will likely end up in the recycling bin, email connects universities directly to the phones of their prospective students. This allows for close communication with target demographics, anywhere at anytime.  

More Effective Calls to Action

Email gives you the opportunity to provide actionable value offers to prospective students. A simple tap on the screen links them directly to your class profile, a comparison chart of competing universities, a landing page of your choosing, or any other offer you have available. Couple the right value offer with targeted messaging that aligns to where your prospective students are in your admissions cycle, and you have a recipe for success.

Stay Top of Mind

Utilizing email as part of your higher education content marketing strategy allows you to continue the conversation with prospective students who have showed interest in your program. Because admissions cycles are long, students typically request information from multiple universities before they decide to apply. Keep your university top of mind with consistent email engagement. Be sure to appropriately space your emails and make sure they provide value to prospects, or you may get the dreaded unsubscribe

Automate Parts of your Admissions Process

It can be difficult for your admissions team to keep track of all your prospects throughout this entire process. It may also be difficult to ensure they have all the answers they need at each stage. Email can help solve this problem.

More higher education institutions are adopting  marketing automation. By understanding who your audience is, segmenting accordingly, and mapping out the content that aligns at each stage of your admissions cycle, you can create automated email campaigns that give your prospects the answers they need.   

Better Data Leads to Better Targeting

Effective content marketing for higher education is relies on data. However, more is not always better. The quality of data is essential in identifying the most qualified prospects and engaging them in the right way. Basically, you have to get to know your prospective students before they can get to know you.

Email marketing offers real-time analytics to help organizations track how emails are performing, who is looking at them, and what actions they are taking based on the content. Through targeted messaging and A/B testing, organizations are able to uncover patterns and data about what works best, maximizing the effectiveness of their email marketing campaign.

Email marketing analytics can also show you how prospective students are engaging with your brand.  Therefore, understanding how people interact with your content provides information that you can use to target audiences more closely and tailor messages, landing pages, and other content to fit each demographic.

People want to listen to the messages that apply to them. Better data helps organizations grab and retain prospective students’ attention.

Email marketing campaigns are one incredibly effective way to make sure your program is sending the right messages to the right people. If you are interested in adding email into your higher education content marketing strategy, we would love to help. Let’s chat!

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