Lucid Education

Digital marketing solutions for increasing enrollment

Elevate Your Digital Strategy To Reach Enrollment Goals

Student recruitment for universities and higher education institutions is becoming an increasingly competitive market, filled with complex problems and nuanced pain points. Lucid Education specializes in crafting custom digital marketing strategies to maximize your online efforts. Our full-service student procurement model finds the right leads for your university and guides them through the admissions funnel.

Find Your Audience

Reaching the right students begins with research. We construct demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profiles of prospective students and tailor messaging to their specific motivations at each phase of the admissions cycle. When your marketing speaks directly to your audience, you are more likely to increase engagement and action.

Increase Applicants

We help you find prospective students at every point of the decision cycle. Whether they are already searching for a program or haven’t yet considered the benefits of a graduate degree, we find them and speak directly to their needs.

Nurture Leads

By designing custom marketing solutions that re-engage your audience, we continuously deliver targeted messaging to create meaningful dialogue with prospective students. Each touch point we develop keeps your institution top of mind through the decision cycle.

Understand Results

We provide access to all of your data and walk you through the metrics to help you understand the ROI and impact of each campaign. Making informed decisions and monitor enrollment and lead generation goals has never been easier.

Ready to reach your enrollment goals? We can help.