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How to Leverage Google Trends in Your Higher Education Campaigns

At its base level, Google Trends (Trends) largely functions as a reference point for finding popular search terms and topics over a set period of time. Initially built to assist journalist, Trends is one of the most effective tools for blending legitimate search engine optimization (SEO) data with general market research. When used correctly, this...
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Paid Search Strategy Tip: Bidding on Branded Keywords

One of the biggest objections when it comes to incorporating branded keyword phrases is that it is seen as wasted ad spend. We hear you, why pay for something when you can get it for free? Below we break down why you should consider including branded keywords and the benefits they will yield for your...
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What is Your Higher Ed. Digital Strategy Missing? Landing Pages.

One of the biggest mistakes made in an online marketing campaign for universities is directing potential students to your university’s website instead of a landing page. Elevate your digital marketing to the next level by using landing pages to increase conversions, fine-tune your messaging, and leverage your branding. Read on to find out how.
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Why is Higher Education Lagging in Marketing Automation Adoption?

The higher education industry has been resistance to participate in the inbound marketing phenomenon. While marketing automation tools have a bad reputation in the space, they have proven successful at increasing enrollment. I’m my latest blog, learn about the strategies to help overcome any challenges your university might face.
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How To [Cheaply] Get Photography for an Enrollment Campaign

Having beautiful photos for your university’s website and enrollment campaigns is no longer “nice” to have, it’s necessary. Often though, universities think the only way to get images is by hiring an expensive professional photographer. While this is an option that often works well, it isn’t necessary for curating compelling photos that are in line...
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